Minutes from the Zoning Board Meetings will be posted when available.


In the Scenic Historical community of Elizabeth Township the Zoning Department is an important government function. The Zoning Inspector works with residents, developers and builders to ensure quality building through plan reviews, zoning code enforcement, and property inspections.

Zoning helps to maintain Elizabeth Township as an attractive agricultural community. Through Zoning regulations or “Zoning Resolutions”, specific standards have been established for many common property improvements. These standards set limits on building heights and sizes, as well as setbacks from adjoining streets, roads, and neighboring property lines. Regulations also dictate the size and number of detached structures on a property, including garages and storage sheds.

Any construction that adds building space or covered area to a lot requires a Zoning Compliance Application from Elizabeth Township, and a building permit from the Miami County Building Regulations Department in Troy at the Hobart Government Center. The township’s portion of the process consists of a zoning compliance certificate. Typically this is a one-page application, accompanied by construction drawings, and a site plan drawn to scale. The process of obtaining the required permits usually only takes a few days to process.

When applying for a Zoning Compliance Application a step by step instruction sheet will be provided.

When cosmetic work is done such as roof shingles, sheds less than 200 square feet, and window replacements, they are exempt provided no structural alterations are made. Construction of Pole Barns that are used specifically for farming operations are exempt from the Zoning Compliance Application, but still requires a Declaration of Intent form to be processed.

This is a great and scenic community to live in. Through zoning and the cooperation of its residents, we will be able to maintain the high standards of living in Elizabeth Township.

For information on zoning in Elizabeth Township, please contact the trustees.


On October 1, 2008, the Elizabeth Township Trustees adopted two (2) new Resolutions.

Resolution 2008-012 was enacted for the Control and Abatement of Junk Motor Vehicles within the Township which the Trustees determined “are unsafe, unsightly, and detrimental to property values, and are injurious to the Health, Safety, Welfare, and morals of the community”.

Resolution 2008-013 was enacted to “regulate the growing of noxious weeds, nuisance vegetation, garbage, refuse, and other debris on property throughout the Township”.

On February 15, 2017.

Resolution 2017-0002 was enacted to “Prohibiting the Location of Medical Marijuana Cultivators, Processors and Retail Dispensaries ”.

Both resolutions are covered in its entirety on this web site. To view, click on their titles above.

If violations are discovered, you can report them to one of the Elizabeth Township Trustees or the Elizabeth Township Zoning Inspector. Both Resolutions give the property owner ample time to rectify the violations before any action will be taken.

Elizabeth Township, through the hard work and cooperation of its Township Trustees and other governmental employees, strive hard to maintain its rural historical district image. This is a great community to live in. When everyone works together, we will be able to maintain the Township for future generations to enjoy.