Gym Rental

Are you looking for the perfect gym to rent for your basketball team or volleyball game? Contact our team today to book our large and fully equipped gym.

Renting a local school gym is the perfect solution for anyone looking for an indoor space to enjoy activities like basketball, pickleball, volleyball, and soccer. Not only does it provide plenty of room for sports and recreational activities, but it also serves as a great auditorium for larger meetings or presentations. In addition, those who organize sports camps can benefit from the large space available to host their event. Renting the gym ensures that customers get access to a quality facility with convenient free parking.

Our gym isn’t just for sports games and can be a great choice for meetings and presentations. With the original bleachers in place, the auditorium provides a great space that can accommodate a larger gathering. Not only does this provide convenience and comfort for customers, but it also eliminates the need to rent separate spaces for each activity - such as the kitchen or multipurpose room! With its flexible hours, quality amenities, and friendly staff, renting the gym is an ideal choice for anyone looking to host events or play sports in their local area.

Spots for our gym rental fill up fast so contact us as early on in the year as possible to secure a time slot for your events.

Members/Residents Rate

$50 for 2 hours (2 hour minimum)
$25 for each additional hour

Non-Members/Non-Residents Rate

$60 for 2 hours (2-hour minimum)
$30 for each additional hour